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Family Meals

Time: 90 minutes

During a family meal session, the clinician is able to model what meal coaching looks like when having a meal with a loved one who struggles with an Eating Disorder. It can also be a great opportunity for the parents to meal coach with clinical support and supervision. This is suited for parents and their child who has been recently diagnosed with an Eating Disorder or for families who have already gone through treatment and now have their loved one at home.

Location: Snoqualmie or Seattle office, virtually, or in the comfort of your home (depending on location.)

Topics include and are not limited to:
Parents learn to hold boundaries while supporting their loved one in a way that is helpful

Parents are able to see neutral eating disorder language demonstrated by the clinician

Parents are able to see the clinician maintain emotional regulation while the child may be emotionally deregulated and learn how to implement this at home

The child is able to learn tolerance and resilience around fear foods and eating behaviors