I just want to express how grateful I am to have Caitlin Sloane on my health support team. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so supported by a health provider working within a system that tends to value profit and efficiency over patient care and advocacy. On this journey together, I’ve grown so much in my relationship to food and my body. As much as I loved and enjoyed food in my life, I’ve grown to experience so much more joy (and much less fear) with cooking and eating than ever before. I hope you know how important and impactful your work is and how much your support means to me. So thank you 🙂
I just wanted to pass along praise to you for Nataly. Nataly and I met today and I left feeling so full of hope and renewed strength. She is the most loving, trustworthy, competent and warm provider and left me with so many great ideas and goals. I am so thankful for the gift she is to me right now and I want you guys to know how lucky you are to have someone like her!Maddy
Caitlin was extremely helpful in directing me in selecting recipes that suited my dietary restrictions but were also very tasty. My wife was having problems finding interesting food choices since most of our previous meals centered around a meat choice but when I eliminated meat from my diet 2 years ago it was further complicated because of the discovery that I had high blood pressure. Caitlin gave us literally at least 80 recipes we could easily download from our computer. They were very easy to make and were also very tasty with fresh flavors that we truly enjoyed but best of all they were selected to assist with my blood pressure. My wife was overjoyed with not having the misery associated with every evening’s choice for dinner. We had been battling for many months trying to find what we could cook to help with my health problem unsuccessfully until my meeting with Caitlin. We highly recommend Caitlin for any dietary needs you may have. Besides that she has such a warm lovely personality.Seattle resident
Britta is the best! Britta has excellent suggestions and they are always easy to follow. She gives step by step information and when I have questions she always answers me in a timely manner. My time with Britta goes by too quickly and I’ve learned so much from her! Thank you for everything!
I found Simplicity Nutrition over a year and a half ago when I was sick, in terrible pain, and completely defeated. I had been to countless doctors who wanted to prescribe more pills for my ailments, which ended up making me worse over time and some who told me my pain wasn’t real. I had progressively been getting worse and I didn’t know why or if I could be healed. I was rescued me in countless ways. They have been the voice I always wished I had in my head, the kind one who tells you when even your smallest achievement is significant, applauds your efforts and gives you just the right words to inspire and motivate you to keep going. I am happy and I have manageable pain. I am so thankful they have changed my life!
I found Simplicity at a very hard time in life amidst struggling with anorexia. Erin has been the most compassionate, steady & insightful practitioner. She instills so much hope and personal confidence in me. I have had negative experiences in the past years with providers and Erin’s professionalism & care has been a profoundly corrective experience for me. Highly recommend Simplicity Nutrition to anyone in need of ED care. Madi F.
Caitlin Sloane is a professional colleague to whom I often refer clients and patients. Her passion for helping others move forward along their eating journey is inspiring, and her knowledge of food and nutrition is extraordinary. Caitlin combines up to date scientific expertise with a compassionate and humanistic approach to address the dietary needs of each of her clients. Her warm and gentle presence makes clients feel safe, and I would highly recommend Caitlin to anyone interested in improving their relationship with food and with health.
Shannon is one of the most phenomenal, compassionate clinicians I have ever worked with. I recently started seeing her for my anorexia & I have been dumbfounded by her kindness, extensive knowledge & encouraging spirit. Living with an ED is lonely & depressing. After such a long period of suffering, I feel deep & lasting gratitude that I found a clinician who gives me hope that there is light at the end of this tunnel. Cannot recommend her enough & am so grateful that there are people like her shining in this world.
Dr. Champion has completely changed my life. I was struggling with my Ulcerative Colitis and after one meeting with Dr. Champion I knew she would be able to help. She reset my gut and diet and now I am symptom free and making smarter decisions with my nutrition. She has been so helpful in understanding what supplements will benefit my health and is there to help whenever I have questions about what foods to eat. She really cares about my health and is such a joy to work with. I can’t thank her enough for helping get my ulcerative colitis under control to the point where I am symptom free.Tessa K.
I spent a few months working with Caitlin from Simplicity Nutrition and she really changed not just my diet but my life! She is extremely supportive and knowledgeable!Seattle resident
She has helped me immensely improve my digestive function as well as the relationship I have with food and myself. I am very thankful for the time we worked together.
Working on my nutrition and overall health has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. I came in with gut issues (IBS) that couldn’t be solved for the past 10+ years and she was able to get me to a point where I feel “normal” on a daily basis for the first time. That alone has improved my quality of life by tenfold and has allowed me to live and do more of the activities I’ve always wanted to.
Along with helping my gut issues, Simplicity Nutrition has worked with me on my general fitness/health goals by providing knowledgeable guidance on what to eat, supplements to try, and tips to implement into my routine.
I’m deeply grateful for her and the Simplicity Nutrition team. Thank you!Andy B.
Erin is the real deal. I had been living in the dark with an eating disorder for years & when I finally sought help last year, Simplicity was a breath of fresh air. Erin is the most compassionate, caring & dedicated professional I’ve ever had the joy of working with & she leads her clients to true healing. If you’re in need of warm & trustworthy care, Simplicity is the place to be. ❤️Madi F.
“I’ve known Shannon for 12 years. She has been my go to gal for anything related to nutrition, exercise, and overall mental health. She’s simply the best.” –Dr. Jamie Brooks DDSMichelle S.
I’ve been seeing Caitlin as a way to help deal with some rather severe side effects from drug treatments. I saw immediate results from her recommendations and have been impressed with the multi-prong approach she’s taken to combating my issues. From helping with dietary recommendations to adding supplements to my daily diet, the changes have made significant improvements for me. Her recommendations have been far more helpful than what my doctor was suggesting prior to me seeing her. I’m also impressed that her recommendations are organic in nature rather than simply prescribing more drugs. Caitlin has made a huge impact in my quality of life.Michelle S.
SUPER great experience w/ Dr. Champion. Have had stomach/gut issues for almost ten years that she helped me almost completely resolve in a few months. Unlike the myriad of other practitioners I’ve seen for these issues I felt listened to and validated by Dr. Champion. Cannot recommend enough 🙂
Established Client
Thank goodness for Simplicity Nutrition, Inc. and their staff. I was looking for a nutritionist that could help me lower my cholesterol and improve my health. They saved the day with their expert knowledge to get me on the right track. They have provided references and meal plans. I can’t thank them enough for their constant support to help me reach my goals. They are a blessing. If you are looking for exceptional nutritional help, Simplicity Nutrition is the place to be.Leslie L.
Working with Erin and Caitlin is amazing; not only does Erin genuinely care about your nutritional health, she also cares about your mental and physical health. She carefully listens to any food issues I’m having and always has realistic suggestions to help get me back on track and never makes me feel badly about my failures. I definitely have more successes with her help.
Caitlin is a great teacher and provides me with delicious and healthy personalized recipes that match my cooking skill level and tastes. I’m learning about nutrition and making good choices.
I can’t recommend them enough!C Gra.
“I have worked with Shannon for over a decade collaborating care for clients with eating disorders. Not only is she an expert in her field, she also has a gentle, compassionate, and caring approach that puts her clients at ease.”Kelly Lawson DNP, ARNP, PMHNP-BC
Dr. Champion is amazing! She created an individual plan to help combat my HPV and support my immune system. I have recommended her to friends and colleagues. She is incredibly supportive and empathic. She understands that making lifestyle changes for the better is a marathon not a sprint. She is patient with my progress and this in turn helps me be patient with myself. Meaghen S.
Caitlin was extremely helpful in directing me in selecting recipes that suited my dietary restrictions but were also very tasty. My wife was having problems finding interesting food choices since most of our previous meals centered around a meat choice but when I eliminated meat from my diet 2 years ago it was further complicated because of the discovery that I had high blood pressure.
Caitlin gave us literally at least 80 recipes we could easy download from our computer. They were very easy to make and were also very tasty with fresh variances that we truly enjoyed but best of all they were selected to assist with my blood pressure. My wife was overjoyed with not having the misery associated with every evenings choice for dinner.
We had been battling for many months trying to find what we could cook to help with my health problem unsuccessfully until my meeting with Caitlin.
We highly recommend Caitlin for any dietary needs you may have. Besides that she has such a warm lovely personality.Alin H.
I’ve been working with Simplicity Nutrition for about 7 years. I own and run a therapeutic cooking business (The Secret Ingredient) and have worked closely with many of Simplicity’s clients over the years. I can attest to their caring, responsiveness and individualized prescriptions for each client. I have also referred many of my clients to them and they have taken wonderful care of each of them and truly steered them on the right path for their needs. Erin has also helped me personally with my many Candida and digestion related problems and is a wealth of information on any topic related to nutrition. I highly recommend Simplicity Nutrition providers as truly knowledgeable, and deeply caring practitioners who will help you heal.Ella Ellman (owner of The Secret Ingredient)
Fantastic detail. Plan customized to my specific situation. THANK YOU Caitlin!Established Client
Dr. Champion has been so helpful and encouraging. I really like working with her!Michelle S.
Thanks to Erin, I appreciate my body, I’m craving healthy foods and I finally have energy again! Working with Erin was the best investment in my health!Erika
The world of eating healthy was a new and foreign concept to me. After researching multiple different nutritionists and dietitians in the Seattle area, I stumbled upon Simplicity Nutrition. It was easy enough setting up an appointment with Caitlin through Erin over the phone. Upon meeting Caitlin, all my fears and worries about starting a new eating pattern fell to the side. She helped walk me through all of the necessary steps and was incredibly encouraging during each of our appointments. I couldn’t give Caitlin any higher of a recommendation. She was absolutely fantastic!Sean
This amazing woman Erin is genuine and the real deal. She truly cares. She helped my daughter come back to life. I brought my 13 yr old daughter who has suffered from depression, anxiety, restless nights, skin problems, and extreme nausea to see Erin. We’ve seen doctors and other nutritionists but never experienced the sincere care as we did here. Erin truly loves her job – it’s obvious it is a joy of hers.
Erin explained thoroughly why my daughter feels the way she does as she explained a bunch of numbers from blood test. Though the news was hard to hear, Erin was so encouraging and explained that this problem is an easy fix. Erin didn’t set us up on a strict diet or add a bunch of expensive supplements – she basically said food is going to heal her and wrote out a simple eating plan of well balanced nutrition.
Mind you, my daughter has had borderline eating disorder and she was inspired by Erin to take charge of her health. My daughter is healing so fast. She is extremely encouraged. She is eating like she should. She has energy. She is doing more of the stuff she loves. Now that her body is healing, it is also healing her mental health too.
Erin has followed up and pursued to remain a source of positive energy for my daughter. We will continue to see Erin. My daughter and I are so blessed to have met this amazing woman. If you want to invest in feeling good and enjoying life with a healthy body, Erin will pour her knowledge and love in abundantly. She’s just like that. She can’t help it.Heather
It’s been great working with Caitlin because we start out by going grocery shopping together, then we come back to my house and use the food we just purchased to make meals for the week. This really sets me up for living on my own someday plus I learned how to cook a lot of really yummy foodAnnie
I didn’t realize I could actually feel better. Thanks Dr. Champion! Christine R.
I cannot thank you enough for your support and help these past few months. I am no longer obsessed with food and am living a happier life. It has really made all the difference to me.Erin
I have been working with Erin for two years. She basically saved my life. I was drowning in misinformation, too many pills, acid reflux, IBS, constipation and running in a vicious circle. Through testing and her endless patience with me, we have found a working solution that has made my life an enjoyable experience again and keeps me within boundaries that I can live with.

And it wasn’t easy, I have many conflicting points that have to be addressed every time we make a new choice or explore pushing a boundary. And we do laugh, we make it fun and funny and enjoy our time working out all my bodies specific needs. I highly recommend Erin to anyone who feels the need to change what they put into their body so that their body treats them well and keeps itself healthy.Claudia

I knew I had Dr. Champion to back me up! Making changes to the way I eat wasn’t easy, but I knew I had Jennifer to back me up and check in on me when I needed help!Keisha N.
Caitlin has been an amazing factor in my life style change with eating. My Practitioner asked me if I was open to taking Metformin due to my A1c being elevated. I told her that was not an option. I started seeing Caitlin Immediately after that conversation (Jan 5th 2019). I’m so amazed how I transitioned from eating perhaps two times a day to eating six times a day; yet feeling so energized. The education I receive on fats, carbs, reading food labels, exercise and much, much more has made me realize this is a LifeStyle Change. I have no doubt in my mind when I re-test in April I will have substantial improvements. Thank you Caitlin for helping me expand my horizons on trying new foods and always having several options to offer.
Erin cares deeply. She is wise, beyond smart and led me immediately to a lifestyle with food that I can sustain. I started with digestive issues and in a short period of time I was digesting normally daily! That’s a BIG deal. Erin is connected within her community and shares her wisdom – we are very blessed to have her on the Eastside!Amy J.
Working with Caitlin has been amazing; not only is she teaching me how to make healthy foods and healthier choices, she’s made me more confident and comfortable in my cooking abilities. I’m also learning more universal skills, like ways to work with different ingredients, what to do if a recipe goes wrong and, the most difficult for me, flavor profiles. She’s very patient and I’ve never felt judged or criticized regarding my cooking abilities or food choices. The recipes she suggests are all specifically tailored towards my taste/ingredient preferences and she’s always happy to look at recipes I find online and tailor them to fit my nutritional goals.
I can also recommend the grocery store trip; Caitlin is extremely knowledgeable about food in general, but she excels in produce – including what to look for regarding freshness, storage, and preparation methods. She encouraged my questions and helped me look at labels in a different light. I look forward to each of her visits. Thanks, Caitlin!Chriss
Just checking in to let you know that my total cholesterol is finally normalized! AMAZING…This is the first time my cholesterol has been in a healthy range in years.Nora
I’ve been working on my diet with Caitlin for about 2 months, She helped to gain control of my life again. At first, She listened to me very carefully and helped me to identify my goals. She cares so much and replies to all my questions. She supports me in every way she can. I am so excited to continue my health journey with her support. I highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you Caitlin. Maha
About a year ago, I was introduced to Erin by viewing her endorsement at a local North Bend, WA gym that has an excellent reputation for sponsoring healthy living programs.
I was able to make an appointment to consult with her and I was so impressed!
She was comprehensive in her evaluation of my entire lifestyle. Her extensive educational background supported all her observations, and her recommendations did not land on deaf ears. I have been following her functional nutritional regimen ever since, and am very pleased with my current state of physiology.
I highly recommend her services, you’ll be glad you utilized them too.Dave S.
I decided to give Caitlin a try at Simplicity Nutrition and am so glad I did! What I was most impressed with was how thorough she was. Not only did she ask a ton of questions before we started, but also incorporated my latest blood work, did a complete body composition analysis and had me use an app to track what I was currently eating. After she had all that information, she personalized recommendations for me. I left her very appealing and relaxing office with great information which she printed out for me. I truly felt like I received a very personalized nutrition plan, and one that I will follow for a long time. Caitlin has a great personality, combined with a great amount of knowledge. I highly recommend that you give her a try if you are looking for nutritional help! Thank you Caitlin!
Cindee Chadwick
Right away, Erin knew exactly what the problem was. She gave me the easiest instructions for feeling better and each day, I feel like I have not only regained my health back, but some happiness as well. I highly recommend her!Elise
I just had my annual checkup and blood work and the results were good! It looks like the small tweaks you had me do to change my lifestyle and diet habits really helped! Thank you very much for your time and expertise! You likely saved me from developing diabetes-and I am so very grateful! I will certainly come see you again if any other health concerns come up.Snoqualmie Resident
I’ve been working with Erin for 10 years and she’s AMAZING! She offers creative ideas for whatever nutritional challenge comes my way, plus she is so supportive and encouraging. I am so much healthier and feel so much better thanks to her expertise and wisdom.Pat W.
I no longer have agonizing GUT pain when I eat. You have completely changed my life!Amie
I love who I am becoming! I love my new strength! I am not only stronger on the outside, but on the inside where it counts! I am no longer hating what I see in the mirror. I love who I am becoming!Kristen P.
I went to Erin because I wanted to find a natural way to deal with my autoimmune condition. She was able to listen to my story and give me a realistic plan, personalized especially for me and my busy family, and professional commitments, and a plan that worked with food and not a ton of supplements like my previous provider.
I immediately felt listened to and cared for in a way I hadn’t experience before. She is very professional, intelligent, and organized in how she runs her business, yet you never feel like a number. It is very obvious she deeply cares for each of her clients. I can not more highly recommend Erin for nutritional support.Alissa G.
Caitlin has been such a pleasure to work with! I feel listened to, understood, appreciated, validated, and a priority every time I step into her office. Caitlin in very knowledgeable in her field and is always quick to give me an educated answer or a solution to a question that I have. She is helpful when creating goals and keeps me accountable for achieving those goals, pushing me outside of my comfort zone. I have definitely kept Caitlin on her toes and she is quick to turn around on my current needs and help me where I need it most. I feel very much supported by her, and I appreciate her and her hospitality greatly! Elizabeth
Thank you for everything you have done. I don’t know if you will ever fully understand what you have done for me, and how much you have helped. You are a true blessing. I am sure all of the people you work with feel this way.Sarah
My blood pressure was checked this morning. What a difference. It used to range in the 140’s over 90’s… but today it was 120/84 what a great difference from just a few months ago. Also, I haven’t been getting the headaches or feeling lightheaded or the feeling of panicking anymore.Jeanice
I’ve had significant improvement in energy, tension in muscles, quality of sleep, clear headedness … And my Triglycerides went from high 480 to 108 in 2 months. This is incredible.Scott