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Our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists and Certified Nutritionists are licensed and experienced to help you create a custom health plan that considers all aspects of your health. We use a health at every size approach, your labs, conditions, lifestyle and goals to guide you in making choices that help you live your life to the fullest. We have a team of providers that each specialize in different areas, so please click on their bio to find a provider or you can call us at (425) 394-3409. If you are specifically looking for Eating Disorder Nutrition Services, please click on the Eating Disorder Outpatient Services below to learn more. We incorporate many or all of our services to develop a plan appropriate for each individual.

We work with all ages and lifestyles, including children, adolescents, college students, athletes, elderly, and families.

Personalized Medical Nutrition Therapy

The first appointment with your Nutritionist is a 90-minute intake. During this time, we thoroughly review your complete health history. We learn about your goals, lifestyle, previous labs, health history, supplement or medication use, access to food, and relationship with food and body before putting together an individualized nutrition plan.

Eating Disorder Outpatient Services

Congratulations on moving forward in your recovery! The Simplicity Nutrition team of Registered Dietitian Nutritionists and Certified Nutritionists partners with medically stable individuals and their families who are struggling with a variety of eating disorder behaviors and patterns in our professional cozy outpatient environment and telehealth.

Family Meals

During a family meal session, the clinician is able to model what meal coaching looks like when having a meal with a loved one who struggles with an ED. It can also be a great opportunity for the parents to meal coach with clinical support and supervision.

Classes and Workshops

These individual classes are focused on weight neutrality, with a come-as-you-are philosophy, and centered around the mission of practicing human compassion, body respect, and fat liberation. Each series consists of 4-6 classes.

Functional Nutrition Testing

We utilize functional nutrition testing to understand the root of your symptoms and to create an individualized nutrition plan based on your body.

Meal Planning

Meal Planning is one of the best tools for following through with your nutrition goals. It is an excellent way to feed yourself and your family a wide variety of delicious food, without having to spend hours in the kitchen. Our skilled nutritionists can help you get there with an individualized meal plan.

Therapeutic Cooking Lessons

Our Therapeutic cooking lessons help you to feel more confident in the kitchen! These 1.5-3 hour lessons cover the basics of cooking, flavor pairing, the health benefits of ingredients, and more. Our highly skilled Dietitians and Nutritionists bring their clinical expertise into this rewarding, hands-on way of learning about food. It is the next step in your nutrition journey!

Grocery Shopping Education (In Person and Virtual)

Do you get confused and overwhelmed by all the ingredients on nutrition labels? Are you stuck trying to figure out which brand is “healthier”? Are you curious about Seasonal Eating? This informative 90 minute (in person or virtual) Educational in person or virtual Grocery Store Tour will help you feel more motivated and confident when grocery shopping!

Pantry Overhauls

Clearing out the old and making way for the new is a great way to start your nutrition journey! Sometimes shifting into a new routine can feel daunting. This is the perfect segway into more balanced eating, as you set yourself up for success with the support of one of our skilled Dietitians or Nutritionists!