Individualized Cooking Lessons

Individualized Cooking Lessons (1.5-3 hours)

Our Therapeutic cooking lessons help you to feel more confident in the kitchen. Participating in an in-home cooking lesson with your Dietitian or Nutritionist is an incredible way to bring the theory of your nutrition appointments to life, as you learn how to nourish yourself in this experiential way. Learn about the basics of knife skills, how to be more efficient in the kitchen, flavor pairing, health benefits of ingredients, and more. Our highly skilled Dietitians and Nutritionists bring their clinical expertise into this rewarding, hands-on way of learning about food. It is the next step in your nutrition journey.

Location: Simplicity Nutrition Seattle Kitchen

Topics include and are not limited to:

  • Knife Skills
  • Exposure Food Therapy
  • Cooking on a budget
  • Implementing the nutrition recommendations talked about in session 
  • Learning new methods of cooking that work for your lifestyle
  • Expanding skillset in the kitchen
  • Putting together quick and easy meals for the week
  • Prep grab and go options for the week
  • Freezer meals