Virtual Nutrition

The Simplicity Nutrition Team wanted to reach out to all our clients and let you know that we are still open (virtually). We are adapting to the changes in place and wanted to let you know how we are still able to serve you on your health journey. 

We understand this is a challenging time and we want to support all of you. Many of our clients have underlying health conditions and it’s more important than ever to continue with your nutrition support. Stress and change in routine and/or access to food can trigger autoimmune flare ups, digestive symptoms, eating disorder relapse, chronic pain, emotional eating and so much more. Additionally, nutrition can help with managing viral load, infections, immune system, brain health and our emotional well-being.

Food has an amazing capacity to create connection during this temporary isolation… with our family, our body, and our health. Here are some of the ways we can help you to be connected during this time and that are covered by your insurance.

    • For the next two weeks our Dietitian Nutritionists are meeting with all clients virtually. This is still covered by your health insurance and is HIPAA compliant. If you have an appointment between March 26th and April 7th your appointment will be through Zoom, a HIPAA compliant video appointment platform. We will continue to assess the need for virtual nutrition appointments beyond April 7th.  
    • Many of our clients are asking for help with meal planning while social distancing. Feel free to reach out to or call 425-445-3816 if you would like this service.  
    • We offer simplified and personalized meal plans with recipes and shopping lists so that you don’t have to think about one more thing during the day! 
    • Meal plans are custom created by our master level dietitian nutritionists to meet your nutrition goals and health conditions.
    • Meal ideas and recipe compilations are also available for you to create your own cookbook!
    • Our Dietitians are trained in epigenetics! This is the field of how our environment and nutrition can shift our genetic expression.  We develop comprehensive nutrition and lifestyle plans based on your unique genes that help you to understand how to decrease disease risk and optimize your health. 
  4. VIRTUAL COOKING LESSON PLANS for kids and adults: YES! We are doing this and it’s lots of fun! A great way to break up the day. 
  5. COMPREHENSIVE DISEASE STATE NUTRITION PLANS based on your labs, goals and lifestyle
  6. NUTRITION AND LIFESTYLE COACHING: Intuitive eating, emotional eating, sustainable weight loss, support staying on track, recipes and meal plans, quick check-ins, accountability and more!
  7. VIRTUAL SUPPORT GROUPS: Eating Disorders, Autoimmune, Digestive Disease/disorders, Type 1 and 2 Diabetes, Oncology, Healthy Lifestyle Nutrition
  8. SUPPLEMENTS available through our online dispensary!
  9. REFERRAL PROGRAM: We are offering 20% off supplements to clients who refer their colleagues and friends! We appreciate you more than ever and want you to know we are grateful for your support! For every colleague or friend you refer we will provide an additional discount on your next order. We do have clients who refer often, and we will definitely take that into account with our discount. 

Whether you are a new or existing client, we can help you with whatever your health and wellness goals are. Please reach out to us!

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